Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Creating A board Forum aka BLog From Your Own Pc

This is really a small turtorial,
Just few steps and you are done.

So lets start -

First of all you need Apache Server, PHP, MySQL and a Forum Script i.e. phpBB or Invision or vBulletin.
Download phpDev here

and You get a bundle of all the things above.

1. Extract and install php dev. start the apache server,its 90% done.
      upload the forum script to X:/phpdev/www/public
      (x is your drive, usually C: )...

2. Now to access the forum through internet you will not know your IP address through ipconfig command..

3. Go to
    See whats your IP address.
4. Now go to
    http://your ip address/public/your forum directory/install.php

Thats IT!!
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