Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Send Email From Anyone To Anyone

First of all, you need an SMTP Server. These are extremely common and, in fact, I'll provide one for you (

 SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

This service runs on port  25  (in most cases) and is used to send outgoing email.

Now, open up the command prompt and telnet to on port   25 
(note: to see what you type, type telnet and enter then type in set local_echo)

telnet 25

When yer connected type in (except what's in between *'s; you chose what will go in the []):

mail from:[whoever]@[]
rcpt to:[whoever]@[]
[whatever you want]
[as many]
[lines as wished]

Hello is just a handshake with the server.

Mail from: is FROM who you want the email to be.

rcpt to: is who you want the email to go to. under data is what you want sent. the '.' ends data. quit quits.

This is simple isn't it.
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