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Hack Bsnl Broadband Username And Password

This is the most effictive and the most prominent way to hack any bsnl username and password,
Its great that you are reading the above tutorial.

Hacking bsnl Username and PASSWORD
On the note i would like to tell you that it can even work or even not so Don't panic if it doesn't work in your case we will find something else. Enjoy

First Download Angry IP Scanner. Use Below Link
Click Here

 Step 1  :

Start Angry IP scanner and goto options ports.

Type in 80 in the first ports textbox and click ok.
Then goto options ; in the display section select "only open ports" and click ok - save.

Now on the main screen put in the ip scan range as something *.*.0.0 - *.*.255.255 (for e.g. and click the start button.

And the list that shall follow next are the victims. In this example we choose the range -

You will be surprised at the number of victims you discover.

 Step 2  : Pick the ip-address of any of them and open up your browser and type in*.*.* (the * should be replaced by the values from the ip you are using. A box will popup asking for username and password.)

Enter the username : admin and password : admin .

There is a high chance that you will be able to login with that username and password.admin-admin is the default username and password that is set while manufacturing the adsl modem devices.

What follows next is the modem administration panel.Simply search for the "WAN" option and click it.

On the next page you will find the username and password of that user. now right-click on the page and click view source. in Mozilla/Opera This frame -> view frame sourceNow in the source code search for this : INPUT TYPE="PASSWORD" and
the value field of this input element will have the password if its not there as in case of D-Link DSL 502T ADSL Routers the search for this Step 3:input type="hidden" name="connection0:pppoe:settings/password" value="password" id="uiPostPppoePassword"

and the value field will have the passwordAnd this exposes the weak security of bsnl broadband users.

(For Educational Purpous)
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