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How to Hack Someones ISP Password

Ok this is preety amazing hack for you guys, you gona enjoy it as i have enjoyed it in my back days when i was introduced to this hack.
This Hack is much dependent on the Victim and hence it would really help you to be succesfull if the victim is dump XD.

 Follow These Steps :- 

1. Run your telnet program : On windows , go to START - RUN - "TELNET".
on linux , you should open a shell , and write telnet.

2. Then connect (on windows "connect" , on linux "open") some anonymous server , if don't have any then search for one , if you are too lame then email me now! i'll give you in the minute!
NOTE : you should connect the server mail program (port "25")

3. Now , write the following :

Hi there [YOUR FRIEND'S NAME] , this is [NAME OF YOUR FRIEND'S ISP] support team , lately , our server had some problems with the connection and the user-password files were destroyed , a backup was then released , and it was ok.
but yesterday we found out that it is not an updated version of the file , so , it will start charging you for a larger amount of money for each our you use!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
To correct the problem , we have made a speical program to correct the error , all YOU have to do is email :
"[**YOUR'S FRIEND'S ISP NAME**]@GalaxyCorp.Com" and in the SUBJECT write your "user name" and "password".

NOTE: No moeny will be returned if you don't follow our instructions!

Thank You,
Your Support Team

4. Press enter twice and then write "."(without the "") and press ENTER!

Now , The places you saw ** say that maybe you didn't understood it all , so i'll give you a simple example .
[**YOUR FRIEND'S ISP WEBMASTER**] - example , if your friend is connected througe AOL , then type "" , get it?

[**YOUR FRIEND'S EMAIL ADRESS**] - example , if your friend's email is, then type "".

[YOUR FRIEND'S NAME] - if your friend is called "John" then type "John".

[NAME OF YOUR FRIEND'S ISP] - if your friend is connected through AOL(American Online) , then type "American - Online"

"[**YOUR'S FRIEND'S ISP NAME**]@GalaxyCorp.Com" - this is the hard-part , but if you are reading this , then don't worry , you're one step from the end! ..
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