Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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How To Hack Any Email Account

So lets start with some of basics,
This has become a very common way to hack any email account, It is also known as Phishing attack  in the language of the hackers.

Yes,This is the very famous 
 phishing attack. This is the most concerned security threat prevailing in the society 
As the target of this kind of attack are the social people.

There are two types of phishing attack :-

1.Normal Phishing.
2.Desktop Phishing.

The basic idea behind the phishing attack is to make victim fool by rediecting him to a website same as original site,while saving his password,

which he thinks is login in to his account and gets hacked.


How To Create Your Own Phisher

How To Create Your Own Phisher
Phisher page is the login page same as of the service your victim is using for example --> gmail,orkut,yahoomail,paypal,facebook,twitter etc.
It will Look Just as same as you are asked to login to your Email acount,Thats where the victim gets tricked aka HACKED.

So,Lets start.
To create Your Own Phisher you have to follow these simple steps ----

1. You have to go to the website for which you want to make your phisher for ex. gmail,yahoomail,orkut,paypal etc

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


How To Hack Your Friend To Get His Browser Info And Ip address

I am back.
and this time it is more than just hacking.

Today im going to tell you about how can you get your friends(victim's)Browser Info and His IP address.

OK,let's start -

 First Let Me First Define IP 

In Hacking World IP address means a lot then just a code of numbers written with dots.

Today we have IPv4 ,but soon IPv6 will take place of IPv4.
but for Newbie who are new to hacking im gonna explain them in few words.