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How To Create Your Own Phisher

How To Create Your Own Phisher
Phisher page is the login page same as of the service your victim is using for example --> gmail,orkut,yahoomail,paypal,facebook,twitter etc.
It will Look Just as same as you are asked to login to your Email acount,Thats where the victim gets tricked aka HACKED.

So,Lets start.
To create Your Own Phisher you have to follow these simple steps ----

1. You have to go to the website for which you want to make your phisher for ex. gmail,yahoomail,orkut,paypal etc

2. When you are there at the login page just click on File>Save As
[ remember to rename it as index.html while saving the web page ]

3. When you have saved the web page,open the index.html in notepad.

4. Search for .gif and replace the text written before the image name with

You Have To Do that for all the images named there, Or you can use replace all option.

5.There will be another file needed also named as login.php .Which will give the condition to save the username and password typed by the user.

[NOTE:- I will not be providing the login.php to you,You have to get the login.php by yourself.
if you have some knowledge about the php language you can make your own login.php
For those who dont have knowledge about php language i recommend you search for login.php on Google,you will surely get that file.]

6. After you have done this,click on Edit>Search and type action in the search box,and then click on search.

7. It will take you to the First action String, after the equals two mark type login.php in replace of the the text written after it.

8. Click on Seach again,this time it will take you to another action string,after the equal to mark type
in replace of the text written in front of
the equals to mark.
NOTE: You have to type you your sites name in replace of your-site,and your free webhosting service against yourservice in

9. Now you are all done.

NOTE: You have to upload all the files on your free webhosting service directory,including in index_files Folder in the directory.Or it wount work.
The Directory Will be ---
i. index.html
ii. index_files [Folder which you saved]
iii. login.php
iv. login.txt

10. You can Make any websites phisher by these steps for example -- gmail,orkut,yahoomail,paypal,facebook,twitter etc.

Happy Hacking

Greetz to all...
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