Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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How To Hack Your Friend To Get His Browser Info And Ip address

I am back.
and this time it is more than just hacking.

Today im going to tell you about how can you get your friends(victim's)Browser Info and His IP address.

OK,let's start -

 First Let Me First Define IP 

In Hacking World IP address means a lot then just a code of numbers written with dots.

Today we have IPv4 ,but soon IPv6 will take place of IPv4.
but for Newbie who are new to hacking im gonna explain them in few words.

IP of your computer is the address of your computer ,on this big network of computers called internet.
It consists of the maximum three pair of numbers in between three dots for example(for geeks).
Localhost(Your Own Computer)
When You connect to internet your ip address changes accordingly given by your ISP.

 Now Lets Talk About Your Victims Browser 

With This trick you can know about your friend aka victim's browser info.

1. Which Is His Browser (Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,etc).

2. What is his screen resolution (640 X 480,1027 X 768,etc)

3. What is The time in his computer at that time.
     and more info Dont remember actually :)

In hacking Its all About How Much you Know About Your Victim

So,now definations are over lets start hacking.

 Steps are 

1.First of all you need a free webhosting site (with php enabled) so you can upload your files on a server.

(I mostly like to prefer to choose 110mb for this purpose as they provide php enabled in there site with great support.You are free to choose your preference web hosting site just it has to be PHP enabled.)

2.Just register for free at any of 110mb.com or any other and upload the files which are in this rar package file.


3. Now,when you done with this hard part,its time for some interesting stuff.

4. What you have to do now,is to tell or message your to visit your site by any means
    (message him,scrap him,email him,etc)
    Its up to you which method you choose.

5.When You Friend aka victim browse through your site his IP,Brower info will be logged into Log.html file
   in you server directory.

6.To view the info you have to just type log.html after your site's address.

For example - http://www.hacker.110mb.com/log.html

Its Just That simple.
Note that your friend will be redirected to www.google.com after the victim has been logged.

There are many ways you can make your victim fool
For example you can send him a message contaning the following message.
How is it going.
You know what, i visited a site yesterday it is a new look of google.
just check out...
its http://www.hacker.110mb.com/
Its really good
You can make your own message and send it to victim.
Happy Hacking
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