Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Process Hacker : Power Packed Task Manger

This Article i write about our guest software update
Its the new Process Hacker® 1.5

Many people ask me how to get a full view of windows os ?
Well Here is the answer -

Process Hacker is a great tool or you can say a piece of software
which acts as a more advance and more reliable software in front of default task manager
it creates a more detailed and a more understandable version of task manger

Key Features are -

  1. Detailed view of running process.
  2. Shows child process of the running process.
  3. Can find Handles and hook dlls of a process.
  4. Can show the running services as a separate tab.
  5. Shows many many information regarding tasks such as PID,pvt. memory,IO total,CPU etc
  6. Also shows Running Network Stats with all current connection.
  7. Can inspect PE File.
  8. Can show Hidden process.
  9. Easily creates services.
  10. Easy install.
It might also help in virus removal
Some Screen Shots -

I know you would like it.
 Download - LINK
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