Saturday, September 26, 2009


Backtrack 4 Overview

So, Its Linux Backtrack 4 which i am going to discuss now in this blog post.

Its the newly released backtrack 4,

which is HEAVEN for hackers to find 200_backtrack_07

exploits and break the hell out of the security,

well i am not that good in backtrack

but i think i am good enough to write this article !! :D


So, lets start this blog post is on installing the latest version of backtrack i.e. Backtrack 4 And its overview .

its really cool if you are a penetration testers sector or a hacker or you are a security guy.


Backtrack is extension of LINUX which you all must be aware off.

Quiz  :  What is Backtrack ?

Backtrack is the most top rated Linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes.

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Make Your Computer Talk !

talkYeah its a really big story behind this hack,
I was just wandering here and there on the net,
and then something tickled in my head that, How cool it would it would be
if i have my box talking and telling me stats of the computer just for fun
It would also produce that hacker felling in to and would be so cool to Show OFF !!

After few rounds of Mine on internet on searching on Google i couldn't
Find on it but then i thought to code it because there was no choice left for me
So i just picked my laptop and got with VBS.
Its really cool to code on vbs because its really simple and easy,
So i just went on with it
and produces this little hope you all like its :)

Just Follow these Simple Steps :-

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Impress Your Friends With Invisible Folders !!

There have been many questions on how we actually hide a folder in windows Xp box.hack friends
well its not that tuff if you have brain with some computer :)
This technique is my old school way i have used many  times in need !
Look there is no point in creating hidden folders
because you can just go to -

Tools > View >
Show hidden files and folders
But there are many other ways by which you can easily trick your friend or even foe !
just follow these really simple steps and make your friend go ZOOM !!!

Follow these steps:

1. Right click in a directory and go to New Folder.

Friday, September 18, 2009

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Xss Phishing

Hi there,
There have constant reporting for phishing so tried to get a cool hack for you guys,
as these hacks are becoming more and more famous day by day,
the vulnerabilities are growing and so the hackers activates,
but we first start with XSS.

XSS are certainly changing the away that Phishing attacks are perpetrated.

for example we have a target as :-

Monday, September 14, 2009

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How To Download as premium on all premium hosting !

There have been a very long discussion on how to download on premium websites such as,, and and Net etc.
There are many ways given on internet articles 1on how to download them without getting a premium
membership ,but most of them are using technical terms which most of the internet users are not aware
off they use terms as ip,ip renew,ip release etc

But they are used if you don't have a tool for that specific piece of code
So,i just did some research in it,
and found this cool program you all want to check it out
its mainly focused on this type of downloads and uses a java platform to operate
it have many usage as you can see -

Sunday, September 13, 2009

100 Cool Windows Shortcut you must know!

I told this September we would be rocking!

So here is the next post
these are all cool windows kbs you must know,

any how if you are on a windows box  like me
then bookmark this web page to view it as you need


CTRL+C (Copy)...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekly Top 10 Internet tools #2


As i said its weekly.
and today is Saturday.
so this week i have something really special for you guys,
some of them i have also featured on twitter,

So,here goes the list :-

1. First goes to our buzzword Generator,

Around The Hacks In 90 seconds #1

A little about these series
scratched-cd-before-and-afterin these series you all will get little (little freaky hacks) Hacks
which are very useful in your day to day hacking,
And believe me they are really great,
well, you can call these “Lilhacks”

So,lets go!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


How To Hack Windows 97 Security

Well This is hack comes from one of my dear friends,
i wanted something totally cool for you guys and that would help a lot,
then at the right time i get this,

Its pretty cool and very quick also,
as you have noticed in daily life that many of the School computers,Network Computers,
Servers,Computers Etc.

Still uses the weak security system of Windows 97 ,That my friend tried to get and hack this little freak...