Monday, September 14, 2009

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How To Download as premium on all premium hosting !

There have been a very long discussion on how to download on premium websites such as,, and and Net etc.
There are many ways given on internet articles 1on how to download them without getting a premium
membership ,but most of them are using technical terms which most of the internet users are not aware
off they use terms as ip,ip renew,ip release etc

But they are used if you don't have a tool for that specific piece of code
So,i just did some research in it,
and found this cool program you all want to check it out
its mainly focused on this type of downloads and uses a java platform to operate
it have many usage as you can see -

Key Features :-

-support simultaneous downloading from multiple services.
-download using proxy.
-history uploads.
-tracking Clipboard.
-automatic check file exists on the server.
-auto-update plugins.
-recognition of simple CAPTCHA.
-automatic shut down and lots of custom settings.
-Work-in operating system MS Windows, Linux and Macs.
-varied design (many styles).
-a simple management program.


Supported Premium Hosting Websites :- and
Let new new new new new new new new new new new new new
2 new new new (+full) (+premium) free (+profi) (video) (video) (video) (crypter) (crypter) (crypter) (crypter) (crypter) (crypter)

And many more…….


Download Now
*from Easy Share

Final Words !

Well, i have used this software many times and i want to share this with you all,
hope it help you as it have helped me in hacking!
its good but don’t get use to it ;D

I told you ,all this September we would be rocking!


Happy Hacking
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