Thursday, September 3, 2009

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How To Hack Windows 97 Security

Well This is hack comes from one of my dear friends,
i wanted something totally cool for you guys and that would help a lot,
then at the right time i get this,

Its pretty cool and very quick also,
as you have noticed in daily life that many of the School computers,Network Computers,
Servers,Computers Etc.

Still uses the weak security system of Windows 97 ,That my friend tried to get and hack this little freak...

A Little Description -

This Is a little tweak used by my friend ,
Its really deep as well as Very quick,
It uses a bypass by making a quick hole
Its pretty awesome .

Check out this little video to get the Hack working,


Well Hope this hack help you but,
It have helped me in Cracking my school computer security,
I would Love to know
What Do You Hacked With This ?

Happy Hacking
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