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Top 10 Internet tools #4

Well you all know the weeks coolest and the most Important tools for all of us comes in this posts,

This time we have moved more far and added some more cool and damn good ! tools

that you all and me should know about as they are coolest and can help in many ways to

our daily life and make our work easier. google_wave


So lets start once again,

Ok,i know you all love this series because i also

like them but i have too work really hard for them

but all is fare in love and blogging ;D


And plz check out the text written in it .

Its damn COOL.


1.   The Top position this week goes to  >>  Google Wave 

This is like a revolution of email which is great as email is getting older.

i think you all might be aware of this.




2.    The Second on our HIT list is    >>     Sneaks

This is damn good tool

its can helpe you alot if you are delling with MD5 encription.

A must !!



 MD5 crack



3.    Third is      >>      i Speech

I really like this one

but ok leave it .







4.       And now its forth         >>         Du Calculator

This is my fav.!!!

i am joking seriouslly …






5.         Fifth the devil is          >>         HTML –> PDF

Name says it all .

Just USE it .




6.          Its    >>    Blazoon


Just Check It out !!!

its cooler than google




7.         Seventh is         >>         Hide Text

I cant figure it out what it is basically

and how can i use it still if you want .

And check out the sentences written in it.





8.      Now its       >>         Keep Me Out !!

Well isn't it great,

Just wait for a minute and think about it .





9.      Second Last is     >>    Trend Meter

Do you use twitter and love it then it for you .

 Try It Once . You Would Love it .







10.      Last is :(        >>       Alphabetizer


Its last because its not that usable as it looks.





That’s all for this week,

but i am repeating please SUSCRIBE to our posts to get the most out of it

you can easily do that by entering your email address in the box just right in the sidebar !


Happy Tools

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