Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Weekly Top 10 Internet tools #2


As i said its weekly.
and today is Saturday.
so this week i have something really special for you guys,
some of them i have also featured on twitter,

So,here goes the list :-

1. First goes to our buzzword Generator,

its pretty cool,you can easily make new buzz words for your ease,
you can get them in few clicks and can also show off with it in few seconds,
well i used in a chat room ,really great ;)


2. This is beautiful web tool ,
well if you are in a hurry and need a quick animated gif file,or you are tired of hours of work like me,
then its a great tool for you…….


3.I would say just one word for it “Awesome”


4. Well With you can imagine the utility of these web appz in a mans day to day life,
we have a notepad for kitchen,a clipboard in windows and now we have a clipboard for
the web……….
Whets Next ? ;)


5. Name tells it all,
and the thumbnail,
i don't know why am i giving description ? :(


6. LOL,
Now we have a web recycle bin also……….


7. This is a really powerful Byte-Kilobyte-Megabyte-Gigabyte,
You should really bookmark it…


8. Qclock actually means Quick Clock
another great tool for those who are “late to bed and late to rise” lol ;)


9. Well many of us have some has enemies or you can say rivals,
well the best way to get them busy and to handle them softly will be this
there are many other ways which we all say HACKING !


10. Last But Not the least is our Flipper ,
well as you can see the flip of hacker the dude!
its really great to make a password lol
but hard to remember,,,,,,,


this is the end of our great web developers appz
but more next week with some great legends in it,

Well you can wait till next week or you can even SUSCRIBE to hacker the dude,
Just below this post is an option to subscribe,….

Happy Hacking
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