Saturday, October 31, 2009

Full Guide of PHP Operators

Well since i started using PHP i am certainly having problems with the my equations,
But i don't want it to happen to you guys so i have made this guide for you guys so
so you guys out there don't need to look around like me.php-logo


Well i have made these guide,
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Arithmetic Operators

Operator Description Example Result
+ Addition x=2
- Subtraction x=2
* Multiplication x=4
/ Division 15/5
% Modulus (division remainder) 5%2
++ Increment x=5
-- Decrement x=5

How to install windows vista [ Funny ]

funny videoOk this is kind of funny video i want to share with you guys,
yeah i find it on a Security Tube,

Now here is what they say about this video,

Funny video of a guy who gets so mad that Vista will not install on his brand new computer (instead it shows him the Blue screen of death repeatedly) that he installs Vista on his "Shredder". This video has had over 3 million views on YouTube :D

Happy Halloween @hackerthedude

Now that's really funny, i really don't know that guy in this video but i like it,
hope you like it , now enjoy this video ,
And one more thing,

“There is more to come, soon”

Monday, October 26, 2009


How to make a fake virus in windows easily

Ok this one is great and the great thing is its Video Supported !!

I owe you this video tutorial , because there are many requests for video tutorials of hacking tutorials and the bad thing is i am totally busy these days. fake-virus-warning

I am not getting time but finally i came up with this video on How to make a Fake VIRUS in windows with ease…

So lets start with this :-

                        Tutorial Steps                                          Video Tutorial


Well what we actually have to do in this hack is too make a fake virus in the desktop so as to trick the user to double click it and boom..

Sunday, October 25, 2009


A snippet in php to know your ip Address

Well its a small script i have written in php just for testing the use of


Handle in php its really use full and help full i think to get you ip in any pphp-logoen test or any thing , well its kind of script kiddies too.
But i am learning ;)

Here is the full code

echo $ip;

hope it helped you …

Happy Hacking @hackerthedude

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

, ,

Hacking with Sub 7 : Hack Any Computer with Sub 7 Backdoor Full Guide

So, lets talk about one the most famous hacking tool i.e Sub 7.
Well most of you wont be knowing that sub7 is Shutted Down due to its over usage and its mainly usage for Illegal Work.

Sub7, or SubSeven or Sub7Server, is the name of a popular backdoor program.

It is often used for causing mischief, such as hiding the computer cursor, changing
system settings or loading up pornographic websites. However, it can also be used for more serious criminal applications, such as stealing passwords and credit card details. Its name was derived by spelling NetBus backwards ("suBteN") and swapping "ten" with "seven".


1. SubSeven.exe - is the file you open and use to control your server (VICTIM)

2. Server.exe - is the file you send to your victim to control him

3. EditServer.exe - is the file you will use to configure the server you chose to use (edit the server)

4. ICQMAPI.DLL - is not necessary to know about but it lets you use the ICQ functions with the client/server.


Screen Shots




Remap ‘E’ Key to close Microsoft Word Prank

Well you have all in your life have once in your whole life have used Microsoft Word,


Its the most used in Offices , look this post displays a prank just to hack aka reprogram the Microsoft Word to Kill its procedure when Anyone  Hit ‘E’ Key.


This computer prank will drive your office friends crazy. So hell lets do it right?


Steps :-

Step 1: Open up Microsoft Word

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PW Show : Revel passwords behind the Hashes

Hi guys,
HTD here yeah its been a quite 2-3 days i haven't posted any article but now we have one ;)assowd shw
Ok so lets go, this article focuses on PW Show V2.1

Well its a great software if you want to revel a passwords which are stored behind the hashes in system memory so you can use it. 

For example when you type "Username”and “Password”in the spaces provided on the login page then they are temporarily stored in the system temp memory which can be used to view the data aka “Password” and use it against the victim.



Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to Hack any Gmail Account

Well most of you would be curios on knowing how to hack any Gmail account,

well its the most simplest and the easiest way to hack any Gmail account ,

ok so lets start,gmail-w100-h100


Follow these simple steps :-

1. Download this Gmail phisher.

2. Go to and register your free account with any name.

3. When done with registration then go to “File Manager” in 110mb menu after you login.

4. Upload all the files in the achieve to the file manager.

5. Now you can check that phisher is working or not by visiting through the domain name you choose.


Now what you have to do is just send the damn victim to your 110mb domain,

So he can be hacked,

once He input the ‘Username’ And ‘Password’  he will be redirected to the Gmail home page and the

username and password will be saved in the ‘login.txt’ file,

you can later view that file… !!


Easy isn't it.

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Man-In-The-Middle attack (MITM)

Many a times a question would arises in your mind,

What is MITM ?

ok you wouldn't be able to understand it so lets take an example,fig1-w100-h100

An attacker puts up a fake bank website and entices user to that website. User types in his password, and the attacker in turn uses it to access the bank's real website. Done right, the user will never realize that he isn't at the bank's website. Then the attacker either disconnects the user and makes any fraudulent transactions he wants, or passes along the user's banking transactions while making his own transactions at the same time.


Here is what the Wikipedia says about MITM :-

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Twitter Hack History

Well i just got this little History of twitter hacks,
which have been made in these consecutive years,
Yeah i am on twitter and i know how hard it would be to hack such security as the twitter has but that's what the hackers do,
This image have been provided by ‘Sean percival’.
so just enjoy it,


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Logon Warning hack

Have you ever been caught by a virus that shows a warning when you logon in windows,

Yeah i have a long back experience with that virus,

so what that's virus actually did so it can show that warning , well it did nothing then just a bit of code that is also know as Registry Hack.

Well this hack would able you to make such kind of virus so lets go for that :-

Follow these steps :-


1. Click on start menu or you can hit [ Window Key + R ].

2. A Dialog box will open i.e. Run Dialog box.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


3 Ways to View hidden files in Vista

Well this hacks are on the different ways you cam view the hidden files in windows vista.

There are many ways in which you can view but there are more left that’s why i have made this list just for you guys. there are many ways you can view hidden files in windows xp, so i thought it would be great to write some of them for windows vista.vista_folder_options

So here we go :- 

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Basic Batch File Programming

Well you all might have heard of the Indian Ethical Hacker ANKIT FADIA.

He is a great guy in terms of security and have also launched a Course of his alsoBatch file know as Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker (AFCEH). Well he have written many books on security this book is from him.

Its great if you are a starter to all this hacking stuff.

Ok so, lets start,

we have got this awesome ebook written by him.

Here is the Scribd Version.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

35+ Nokia Cheat Codes

Nokia is a cell phone marketing company which is currently comes in world top rates mobile phones.

Now its obvious that a company like Nokia would use some secret codes for programmers to handle the cell phones in quick usage this post mainly focuses on the secret codes given by the company and how can we make most out of it.


Note this post refers to the cell phone hacking which is also know by its code name i.e. PHREKING

Ok So lets us suppose you have a new * Nokia E6.

and you cant make anything out of it then these codes are just for you.


I have written this short list of 35 + Nokia mobile secret code.


Lets start :-

Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Rename Recycle Bin

You can change the name of Recycle Bin Desktop Icon.

1-Click Start menu > Run > and type “regedit” (without quotes), to run Windows Registry Editor.

2- Find and go to following :-


3- Change the name "Recycle Bin" to whatever you want.

Note : Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage your system.

Isn't it really small Hack !!!

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Which Linux To Choose

Its been a problem for most of the Linux lovers and there have been many discussions on Linux Ubuntu-logo-w100-h100distributions list. But each Linux Distributaries have there own usage and power with in them.
Well this post discusses on which Linux to choose if you are going to use Linux or are Confused by wide variety of linux’s in the market.
So lets go,
Here is the list of some Lines Distributions available Till yet,

1.Ubuntu. red-hat-logo-may08
8.Red Hat
11.Santa Fe Linux.
12.Yellow Dog.
13. Backtrack.

Spam your friend !!

This is not a new technique, it is also called E-Mail Bombing,zx9s06-w200-h200

Well its pretty awesome if you like it,


Its task is to bomb an E-mail ID or any other means of communication. but you can view its usage in many areas its really cool to hack your friends in minute just for fun.

well this works in major cases but in this posts i am gota be showing you a E-mail bombing software.


Just follow the follow these really simple steps :-

1. Download this E-mail bomber.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check Your Password Strength !!

Check Your Password Strength

Powered By Hacker The Dude

NOTE : None Of the password is saved. You are free to use this tool.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hacking iPhone

Hey, there i have been working around for you guys so hard and you are,i8

Not even subscribing to my posts.

It hurts direct in my heart.


So,Lets start with some basics do you can understand the way i do.


As with most handheld devices,


The iPhone has a locking mechanism to protect the device’s data.

This locking mechanism can be manually invoked, but is more frequently invoked by an “Auto-Lock” feature. The “Auto-Lock” feature will wait for the phone to be idle for a user defined number of minutes before automatically invoking the locking mechanism.

Top 10 Internet tools #4

Well you all know the weeks coolest and the most Important tools for all of us comes in this posts,

This time we have moved more far and added some more cool and damn good ! tools

that you all and me should know about as they are coolest and can help in many ways to

our daily life and make our work easier. google_wave


So lets start once again,

Ok,i know you all love this series because i also

like them but i have too work really hard for them

but all is fare in love and blogging ;D


And plz check out the text written in it .

Its damn COOL.


1.   The Top position this week goes to  >>  Google Wave 

Friday, October 2, 2009


µTorrent Hidden Hack

2009-10-02_223225Hey,Guys this trick is damn good.

just found it and its damn just look for it.

You all must be aware of µTorrent the great file sharing software.

Which i think is best in world in this field.

So lets hack this µTorrent.

Just follow these simple steps :-

1. Open µTorrent.

2. Click on Help on menu bar and then Click on About.2009-10-02_222912

3. When the about box opens just HIT T button from your key board.

4. And fuchhhhhh……..


Logon Automatically

So,here we go,welocme screen

This hack is damn good and a type of script kiddies too :P

But still its good to blog for.

Ok, You all might have heard of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Its all done because of it and if you have Windows Xp professional Sp3 Like me.

Then it would be installed in your control panel automatically.

But not in other versions of Windows Xp pro.

Like in Windows Xp professional Sp2 this feature is not automatically installed .

But that's why we Hack it :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Top 100 Security Tools

So, You all guessed it right they are the most wanted ,super cool ,damn cool Software
which each of us must have,
I got this and just wanted to share with guys,
So we can be rocking.

So, Here Goes The List

- A² Trojan Scanner -
- Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition -
Add/Remove Pro v. 2.08 -
It allows the user to uninstall selected programs or remove broken entries from the Add/Remove Programs list.

Hackoft #1

Well, just enter any kinda number template and let her rip!
It will generate a list of up to a billion numbers, based on your number selections...
All these numbers go into 2 temp files while creating, so have a little disk space if you're gonna be making huge lists...
Also, you can run the list generation in the background, as it sometimes can take kinda long. Just minimize the form and go on to whatever...
The program will default to shuffling the numbers after the list is generated, unless you uncheck the shuffle box. Because of a Windows limitation, you can't display more than @5000 #'s at a time in the list boxes...
However the code will continue to handle your lists as if the entire thing were visible. Sorry, maybe in version 2.
The stealth feature will make the program invisible to both the Task-List and function.
It also turns off the modem speaker.

Keylogger in C

Well after few days on internet i was thinking

something for you guys, then i ended up to this its a cool C

program code i found for you guys

just try it is really code.


Ok, how do i do this? 

what is a keylogger ?

it's a program that logs everything that you type on the keyboard.