Sunday, October 18, 2009

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How to Hack any Gmail Account

Well most of you would be curios on knowing how to hack any Gmail account,

well its the most simplest and the easiest way to hack any Gmail account ,

ok so lets start,gmail-w100-h100


Follow these simple steps :-

1. Download this Gmail phisher.

2. Go to and register your free account with any name.

3. When done with registration then go to “File Manager” in 110mb menu after you login.

4. Upload all the files in the achieve to the file manager.

5. Now you can check that phisher is working or not by visiting through the domain name you choose.


Now what you have to do is just send the damn victim to your 110mb domain,

So he can be hacked,

once He input the ‘Username’ And ‘Password’  he will be redirected to the Gmail home page and the

username and password will be saved in the ‘login.txt’ file,

you can later view that file… !!


Easy isn't it.

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