Monday, November 2, 2009

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Advanced MySQL Exploitation

Now lets talk with pro hacking stuff i would like to introduce to you guys,
This is a really cool E-book writer by Muhaimin Dzulfakar on the Defcon Conference 2009.


Are you a fan of Defcon conferences like me. But we have to really wait a lot because these guys have no plans now about a conference in India.

I have been really bad in MySQL from the starting, But thats what we are going to cover in this story the art of MySQL Injection and other exploits.

But we are here to explain you some Advance Exploitations for MySQL.
So lets Start…

Topic’s Covered

SQL Injection

  • An attack technique used to exploit web sites that construct SQL
    statement from user input.
  • Normally it is used to read, modify and delete database data
  • In some cases, it is able to perform remote code execution

Remote code execution on MySQL-PHP

Abusing stacked queries on MySQL

Stacked query table

And many more …

Scribd Version

Defcon 17 Muhaimin Dzulfakar Adv Mysql




Happy Hacking @hackerthedude

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