Friday, November 27, 2009

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Hacker Attacks Shaolin Temple – Kung Fu Hacking

The Hackers have defaced many websites in the world but certainly the website of Sholin Temple, founded in 477 AD, is hacked several time and hence its again hacked by a hacker.

The shoalin temple have been concerned, under the leadership of its current abbot,Shi Yongxin, is being treated as a commercial product.


The hacker left a fake letter to there website saying -

"I traded the monastery's tranquility and holy Buddhism for the fame of Shaolin and myself. […] I do not dare to pray for the Buddha's forgiveness, I only ask that I will not go farther and farther down the no-return path of commercialization and become a sinner of Shaolin Temple and Buddhism,”

These feelings are what led to the recent acts of Hacktivism on its website, mostly targeting Shi Yongxin and accusing him of leading a material life.

After Hacking the website hacker made a letter, posted to temple saying “Go and Die” in Chinese language.

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