Monday, November 9, 2009

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New iPhone Worm That Attacks Jail Broken iPhones Also

Well its again the iPhone which have come to the headlines again , But this time the apple is really pissed of with the kind of work the Hackers are doing against there most 107358_matterLovely Toy i.e. iPhone.

The iPhone is now under attack of Worm which also attacks Jail broken iPhone.

The first iPhone worm is said to be created by hacker called "ike_x".
Along with changing the lock background of iPhone with Rick Astely's photo, the worm also causes text stating 'ikee is never going to give you up' on the top of the wallpaper.

Apparently, the worm strikes the jail broken handsets with SSH (Secure Shell) installed through Cydia. Those iPhones with SSH installed having default password as "alpine" were mainly affected.

Let’s see…

Hacking News @hackerthedude

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