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Some Delights Of Yahoo! Open Hack Day – Indonesia 2009

Nearly a week ago Yahoo! Open hack day – south Asia took place in Indonesia. Unfortunately i wasn't there but still the hack days are awesome i am a fan of them since i got in this hacking stuff.
Well some of you actually might not be knowing what are Yahoo ! Open Hack days.So here is a quick guide -  

Yahoo! Open Hack day is day on which all the Hackers, Designers, programmers join together for a day or two to share some stuff and also to make some new “cool stuff”.

The open hack days are made by Yahoo ! actually and are maintained by the Yahoo in collaboration with BBC
, Lonely Planet etc.The hack day last till whole night in which programmers and other teams have to develop some given competition to them.

Now Back to Open Hack Day – Indonesia..


Yahoo!'s famous all-night hacking contest came to the Balai Kartini Convention Center, in Jakarta, November 21-22, 2009.

Here are the winners of the OHD – Here . view all them one by one and you would get a whole new idea of the OHD’s

With seminars in the morning and afternoon, followed by an all-night hacking session afterward till the next day, hackers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore got together to learn new things and hack new programs. All within a night! 


NOTE : All Images Belongs to Jem Seow


 Hackers taking shifts



 Coding is fun




 Indonesia band, Jamaica-Cafe provided some entertainment in the evening




 The media couldnt stop interviewing Michael Smith Jr.




 Membership has its privileges




The overall winner is ... Kristiono Setyadi

Pontus and Kristiono Setyadi, “Overall Winner”, Yahoo! Open Hack Day SEA 2009 and “Hacker’s Choice Award” (from Indonesia)

You can follow him on twitter Here

Or you can view his winning hack Chat Plus




The Winners are ...

Overall Winner and Hacker’s choice: Chat Plus
Best Social Hack: People BUZZ
Best Productivity Hack: Office Kami
Best Mashup: What's on Today
Best Local Hack: Twitter Mania

Congrats to the winner..






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Happy Hacking @hackerthedude

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