Friday, December 18, 2009

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30 Million Facebook, MySpace, and Orkut ID’s Hacked

Hackers Have crossed the security boundaries of a widget and multi-social networking based company which host many users from some famous social ry_logo28networking websites such as MySpace, Face book and Orkut.etc

With this Hack over 30 Million users have been affected.


The most troubling aspect of this incident is that RockYou apparently stored the information in plain text, rather than following industry standards by encrypting it.
The hackers have claimed also that they have hacked the whole Database full of Usernames and  passwords and some private information as well.


Hacker appears to be forcing RockYou to admit to certain vulnerabilities in its data security.

"Don't lie to your customers, or I will publish everything"

The hacker wrote as an obvious reprimand to Rock You.

This seems to be strong words which hacker said in reply to company officials in terms to the matter of encryption.The RockYou is pretty upset it and have written that they are working on the Security measures they have used. You can read more about it Here.

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