Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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AWeber Hacked : Recent Data Compromise

We just in a split second got news, The great and most popular email subscription and rss manager for Wordpress have been hacked. The recent reports says that they have been hacked by some kind of Third-party Software which they use. AWEBER_logo


The general meaning of this would be the code would be hidden in the app they would be using their systems which took the ownage of there API might be. We are not sure till yet.


It could be Local Buffer overflow on that third party software which they were using. The Apparent effects of this hack was that many spam email message were send to the subscribers. Here is the list of the things which were NOT compromised and are saved by the team.

  • AWeber customers’ personal information was not compromised.
  • No credit card data was compromised.
  • No customers’ names, “from” or contact email addresses, postal addresses, website URLs or any other profile information were compromised.
  • No affiliates’ names, contact email addresses, tax ID numbers, website URLs or postal addresses were compromised.

We are looking into the details and will provide a further updates soon.

You can read more about this Here

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