Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Is Google Public DNS Safe ?

Is Google's new Public DNS server safe?

Google opened their new DNS service to the public. Google's strategy appears to be an attempt to compete with the popular free service called OpenDNS.


In light of the ongoing slaught of DDOS attacks on sites such as Facebook and under 48 hours ago, Twitter, the infosec industry is (and they should be) concerned about Google's DNS vulnerability.

Is Google Public DNS Safe ? 

So far, as this like below documents, the relatively small amount of research that has been done suggests that Google's port usage is sufficiently randomized so as to reduce the risk of an attack….

My opinion on this though? It most definitely will be some hacker's gold star target due to the fact that Google is getting a lot of press right now. However, you would have to be totally and completely brain dead/flatlining to attempt to crack this honeypot right now. But, hey, that's why we all love dumb criminals - they have high entertainment value and are a great source of humor.

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