Friday, December 11, 2009

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Motorola Droid Jailbroken By Hackers

Hackers are just not stopping by the Iphone Jailbreak, they have already gone ahead and Jailbreak the newly famed Motorola Droid. The newly released Motorola Droid is a great mobile which gaved the Apple Iphone a tuff compition by selling around figure as the Apple Iphone did when it was launched.motorola-droid-front-iphone-killer


A hardware Modder, rejoicing in the name Zinx Verituse, has developed and published a Droid rooting exploit. Instructions on how to jailbreak Droid smart phones, along with links to the exploit were posed on an Android forum, Wired Gadget Lab via CRN reports.


Once rooted, Smartphone users gain administrative privileges and thus the ability to download widgets, add applications, or otherwise customize their phone. The procedure carries a risk of rendering a device inoperable or disabling features. Attempts to tamper with the phone void Motorola's warranty and run against terms of service agreements.


"Once installed, you will be able to run 'su' from your adb shell,'" he said in the post.


It also comes with risks -- if rooting is done incorrectly, users could inadvertently render their Droid useless, known as bricking, or disabling features. Rooting also voids the device's manufacturer warranty and violates terms of agreement.


But maybe the emerging crop of Droid hackers will have so much fun recreating their device they won't even notice.


In the exploit post, Verituse invited users to download the zip file, rename it to "" and copy to the sdcard. He then advised users to power the Droid off and on while holding the X key, and then press vol+ and camera when they view "!" symbol.



Rooting a Droid is similar to jail breaking or unlocking a device in that it allows a user to completely change everything about the phone's look and function.

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