Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Your Mobile Is In Danger : Karsten Nohl Cracks GSM Mobiles Security Algorithm

Karsten Nohl, A Germen Hacker have claimed that he have successfully cracked the GSM mobiles security algorithm. Which can effect the whole world even your moblie.


I know what you might be thinking till now and its all true. Nohl was not alone in this whole arena of finding the vulnerability in the GSM phones. He was with another 24 friends teamed up to crack the worlds most used mobile security algorithm.


GSM security algorithm is based on the such a frequesny that it changes it signals from one tower to another in seconds and then transfers the signals to the other frequency station. Yeah, I know its pretty complicated stuff there.


Nohl claims that armed with the code, which has been published online, and a laptop with two network cards, an eavesdropper could be recording phone calls within 15 minutes...

We also have live numbers of Victims !


Nohl : "This shows that existing GSM security is inadequate"


Nohl insisted that he had deciphered the code to force the global telecommunications industry to upgrade its security. Well this is a big security issue which is affecting many.. actually the whole world.


The thing to think about in this whole chapter of security is that, the vulnerability is open and if any mad hacker like me, could try to hack this GSM network would i be get caught .With a total average of 4.3 Billion victims. what do you think, you would do with it.

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