Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Are You Ready For Nullcon - Goa 2010

Nullcon are some conferences in India which are made for hackers and security guys, i was pretty exited to know about them as they are going to took place on the 6th - 7th of February of 2010.

 Are You Ready For Nullcon - Goa 2010


The con is pretty respected as many of the known security officials are joining inn the con. Some of the Speakers at the con are Veysel Ozer, Cassio Goldschmidt, Lavakumar Kuppan and many others. You can view the whole Plot here.


Many of the cons are being started like the Shoo and others also. But its great to see some starting in India too. Null con is going to be awesome and i am pretty sure you should join in too...


With the Association of SANS these cons would be landed in Goa, Bangalore and some of them in Puna. This is gona be Big.


Some Shoots

Well i am not going to be in the con as of my schools, so i just got some pics for you guys.






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I wouldn't be there but you should join it as a great man comes with a great resources. Here are some of the information regarding the con.


Conference Pass

Time Period Price
Till 15th Jan 2010 INR 2000/-
15th Jan – 6th Feb 2010 INR 2500/-




STATUTORY WARNING: nullcon can cause severe exposure to high octane gyan and could leave participants exhausted with wild shack parties. Beware, Be There.


You can Register Here.


Happy Cons @hackerthedude

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