Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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How Youtube Got Hacked : How The F*ck She Did That ?

As Mashable Reported this Evening the YouTube video On "twista ft. do or die-do you" Hacked the Number of views on YouTube. Which is near about 79 Billion Views Actually the time i wrote this article, it was 79,441,058,538 views, which in My view is Impossible kind of stuff.

Over 79 billions views


Actually the Number of Views Matter allot for the YouTube Freaks and hacking the number of views is something that everybody would want. But after reviewing the video i am pretty damn Sure its some kind of "Big Bug" in the YouTube CMS.


This is some king "Glitch" in the YouTube i think :D Best would be if anybody found it before anybody else do. The video is a "Ft. Do or Die" and if u ever read the video comments you would only get one comment out all of them.


How The F*ck She Did That ?





Over 79 billions views


How The F*ck She Did That ?


Obviously the Engineers behind the Google would be working on it and would soon give the Reply to this hack or would release any news of it. As soon as they do that you can find that Glitch and Use it.


And as a matter of fact i love this Ft.

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