Sunday, January 10, 2010

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US Army Website Defaced : TinKode Strike Again

3fe33fb6-b225-477e-8b86-5005a7f5479ebtr us army logoTinkode is an awesome hacker who have hacked many websites previous with his qualities in sql injections and Xss abilities and have defaced many big websites.


But this time Tinkode website is also down. Tinkode some days before hacked and defaced the website of UN Army website named with the vulnerability of Blind Sql injection in it.


But Apparently his website is down too and the reason remains the same he hacked the website of UN Army. The day Army website was hacked just the other day of it the website of Tinkode was down. I was having a eye on this and was pretty sure about this incident...


The US army website is Down and as is the website of Tinkode. The vulnerability he used was same as most of the big website including Intel, and many others are being hacked. Which we have covered in the previous posts.



Screen Shots tells the story easy way. So enjoy them -


 1=1– (True)



1=2– (False)



all main informations about webserver.



so let’s see the tables from principal database “AHOS”


Note : Last Screenshot isn't Here because of privacy.




This is a clear vision of what happens to the hackers, when they found a vulnerability in the website and hack them. But whatever is the main reason of letting down the website of Tinkode the matter remains the same.


Tinkode which have previously hacked many ig websites like Kaspersky Thailand,, ESET NOD 32, Apple, Yahoo Blind SQL Injection etc Ya, he is awesome .


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