Monday, February 8, 2010


Mozilla Caught in a Bad Romance with Add-On

Ok, i know the title of this post is kinda funny but that's what this news is all about, one of the greatest internet browsers of this time Mozilla Firefox and with other products also. This have been spread in the form of Add-on’s.



These aren't just add-on’s the real problem is that they are infected with Malwares and they have downloaded by many of the people worldwide.


According to the researchers Two Firefox add-on’s available for months on Mozilla’s website infected users with malware that stole passwords and opened a backdoor on Windows machines, the open-source browser maker has confirmed.


BlackBerry Smoked at ShmooCon : Spyware

Just few days ago the big ShmooCon 2010 took place at the Washington DC from 5th to 7th of this month. It was obvious that some new would come from the con, and yes, one security researcher have done it. BlackBerry Smoked at ShmooCon : Spyware

BlackBerry phones have been hit this time with a new spyware which can do alot of stuff like the ability to access and dump the BlackBerry's contacts, email messages, phone logs, the device's current location and the recording made by the BlackBerry's microphone….

Monday, February 1, 2010

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How To Root Your Nexus One Android Phone [Tutorial]

There have been a long time i haven't wrote any tutorial so that's why i have written this tutorial for you guys but as a matter of fact i don't have a Android phone i would only give you guys a prospective on how to hack or even root your Android phones.


Well its kinda very easy tutorial and can be found on many places on the internet but i am like very lazy or you might be so i have written from my heart inside just for you guys believe me.

Ok jokes over lets move onn with the procedure of hacking aka rooting your android box for like forever. Before getting started, remember to back up your phone, including your contacts, SMS messages, files and photos…

RSA Crypto 768-Bit Keys Cracked

Yes, you heard it right one of the most famous and which have been for years to encrypt the communication standards have been cracked by a bunch of scientists who took about two-and-a-half years and hundreds of general-purpose computers.



This accomplishment was reached on December 12. In my eyes it would have been very much harder to crack this kind of cryptography because it is so much calculated and so much hard to to crack…