Monday, February 8, 2010

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Mozilla Caught in a Bad Romance with Add-On

Ok, i know the title of this post is kinda funny but that's what this news is all about, one of the greatest internet browsers of this time Mozilla Firefox and with other products also. This have been spread in the form of Add-on’s.



These aren't just add-on’s the real problem is that they are infected with Malwares and they have downloaded by many of the people worldwide.


According to the researchers Two Firefox add-on’s available for months on Mozilla’s website infected users with malware that stole passwords and opened a backdoor on Windows machines, the open-source browser maker has confirmed.


According to Mozilla, version 4.0 of So think Web Video Downloader is infected with password sniffer Win32.LdPinch.gen and Master Filer is infected with the backdoor trojan Win32.Bifrose.


Which is worst for a popular web browser company as it would spread rapidly and would be more dangerous. But this is where it gets embarrassing for Mozilla – the infected add-ons have been available from the official download site for several months and, according to Mozilla, have together been downloaded around 4,600 times.



These were discovered about on the days between 25th of Jan to somewhat near and sure they have removed them and working on it to remove them fast as many of the antivirus software's have already recognized and are removing them.


That script, designated HTML.Xorer also appears to have slipped past Mozilla's anti-virus scanner. As a result, Mozilla developers announced that the add-on directory would in future be checked for malware on a daily basis.


So, What do you think ? Is it just mozilla or Google Chrome would be next ?

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