Monday, March 15, 2010

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Check Network Connectivity With Power of PowerShell [Script]

Some days ago i got some scripts from one of my friend which was certain to use when pentesting stuff for Testing the internet connectivity of a window’s computer (version ahead of windows xp). well it have many usages but you can use it as you want.




There it so, use it if you want because its made for you only.

If TRUE, the local machine is connected to the internet; if FALSE, it is not.


I Didn't find it much useful to me as it doesn't work on windows Xp but still its good for the storage of scripts. The Script works on windows computer which have vista, windows 7 or windows server 2008.


Personally, i am not so big fan of power shell but still its a good utility by windows, but as you see its too much complicated that you need to learn things.


“Well this is what is Hacking, Learning learning and Learning.” – HTD


Who said i cant make quotes :D


Happy Hacking @hackerthedude

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